These are the happiest EU countries

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According to the research conducted by Eurobarometar, the citizens of Czech Republic are the least satisfied when it comes to life in the European Union.

58 percent of Czechs are satisfied with their life in the EU, while 36 percent are not. Only 5 percent of Czechs did not provide an answer to this question.

The second least satisfied country in the EU is Greece (34 percent), followed by Hungariand (33 percent).

Still, in all 28 countries members of the EU more than 50 percent of the citizens are satisfied with their lives in the EU. The smallest percentage of satisfied people is in Hungary (57%), followed by Czech Republic (58%), Greece and Romania (62%), Bulgaria (65%) and Italy (66%).

The happiest are the citizens of Luxembourg with 97% satisfied people. The second is Ireland (94%), followed by the Netherlands and Denmark (92%) and Sweden (90%).

On average, the citizens of the European Union are more than happy with their lives in the community with 78% satisfied and 16% unsatisfied people.


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