The Rise Of Cannabis As A Consumer Product

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For almost two decades, cannabis has been legalized for medicinal use in Canada, however with the changes in legislation on the horizon which are set to make its recreational use legal too, weed is rapidly becoming a popular consumer product.

Instead of being something that is bought from dodgy-looking sellers in bars or on street corners, these days marijuana is a burgeoning industry, with online and bricks and mortar retailers selling a wide variety of strains and products. This trend looks set to continue, with many companies entering the marketplace to take advantage of the change in the law to increase their profits and to attract a new spectrum of customers.

A Wealth Of Choice

Whereas at one time, marijuana tended to come in limited forms and buyers really had to take what they could get, these days those who are keen to use the green stuff have a wealth of choice. Whether they want to smoke, vape or eat cannabis, anything is possible, and it can be bought in a variety of forms, from dried herbs to shatters and oils to suit a variety of consumption methods. Businesses that are keen to maximize the potential of the pace of change are now offering ever-more unusual products aimed at both medicinal and recreational users to make using weed easier and more accessible than ever before.

Breadth Of Products

Although most people tend to think of dried herbs when they think of cannabis, these days there are many other options. Ready made edibles are a popular choice for those who are looking for the ultimate in convenience and are a discreet way of consuming weed, while those who are looking for more focused pain relief can now get hold of topical balms and creams. With tinctures, sprays, capsules and concentrates being just some of the ways to consume marijuana, it’s no wonder that the consumer market is taking off in a really big way.

Ease Of Sale

Cannabis has become one of the most popular consumer goods for new start ups partly because it is now easier to sell than ever before. Now virtually everyone has access to the internet, using e-commerce stores is a breeze, and it opens up an enormous range of opportunities to entrepreneurs who are keen to profit from the renewed interest in marijuana. E-Commerce stores are able to stock a greater range of products and are accessible to a much broader spectrum of people, allowing sales to people across the entire country rather than just being confined to the local area. Green Panther, an online marijuana dispensary, is a perfect example of a modern, forward thinking company that offers top quality cannabis products to adults nationwide.

The Future Of Cannabis As A Consumer Product

As cannabis is a relatively new consumer product, information is still being gathered as to the breadth of the market and buying trends. New studies are being carried out now into consumer buying behavior which are now helping retailers to determine the demand for particular products. As the market continues to expand, we can expect to see further research being carried out and a


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