She did not buy anything for a year and saved almost 30 000 dollars

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Michelle McGagh started thinking differently about spending money in 2013 when her house was mortgaged. She started contemplating the idea of not buying anything for an entire year. The conclusion was it would mean a great deal for her wallet. The only money she was spending was for her mortgage, bills, insurance and donations. All this amounted to around 1000 dollars per month. When it comes to food and hygiene, Michelle was spending a little over 10 dollars per week.

She gave up all the other things, such as going to the movies, theater, going out, eating at restaurants. Michelle also did not buy any new clothes, she spent a vacation with her husband sleeping on beaches and did not buy any sweets or unnecessary food. She also did not have transportation costs since she uses her bicycle to move around.

Michelle added she feels happier when she is not spending money on unnecessary things and prefers to spend it on the people she loves.


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