Meat, fish, cheese and ice cream: a simple way to check the quality of your food

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There are different ways to check the quality of the food you eat every day. However, most of them require hiring professionals or special equipment. Nevertheless, you can still do something to check the quality of your food on your own.


Pay attention to the white stripes and the thick layer of fat on chicken breast. This means the farmers injected growth hormones to poultry and the chickens reached their weight too quickly. Such kind of meat is not good for your health. The color is also important and you should pay attention to it: if it is yellowish, the meat is not fresh. Raw chicken breast should be pink and not too soft.


A drop of iodine will help you check the cheese for starch. If it contains starch, the stain will become dark blue and there is no starch in your cheese, the stain from iodine will remain yellow or brown. Leave some of the cheese at room temperature. If the cheese contains vegetable fat, the color will be yellow. After performing this test fresh cheese might get a sour flavor, but the color should not change.


Pour a little honey on your kitchen surface. False honey is dripping and spreads immediately on the surface. Quality honey is pretty thick and collects on the bottom during this test. If you notice the caramel flavor, it means the honey was warmed. If it is too sweet, white sugar was added.

Sour cream

To check if it contains vegetable fat, stir a teaspoon of sour cream in a glass of warm water. A low quality sour cream will create white flakes. The real sour cream is homogenous and thick.

Frozen fruit and vegetables

Check the package for frozen snow or pieces of ice. If you find this inside, the products were not stored properly. Pick products with frost on them.


Fresh fish must not have dark eyes and healthy gills are always bright red. The squama should have natural metal glow and the fins should be firmly attached to the body.


When choosing meat, press it with your finger. Your fingerprint should not remain once you pull off your finger. Cut a big piece in half – if the meat is dark with white contours, it means an additive was introduced to extend the expiration date. Dry it with a piece of paper – fresh meat should not leave too much moist and blood.

Ice cream

Leave you favorite ice cream on room temperature. If it contains vegetable fat, it will stay frozen for longer time and it will melt into liquid in the end. Good quality ice cream will melt into a thick white creamy substance.


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